Pizza Dough Recipe


  • all purpose flour=4 cups(leveled)
  • instant yeast=2 tea spoons
  • salt 1 teaspoon
  • powdered sugar=1 table spoon
  • egg=1 (at room temperature)
  • full fat mlk powder=3 table spoons
  • oil=2 to 3 table spoons
  • lukewarm water=2 cups


put the flour,salt,sugar and powder milk in a mixing bowl and combine with a whisk.Then add yeast and mix it,after that add oil and egg and mix to form crumbs like texture.Then knead it by gradually adding water to it,add the 2 cups of water to it to form a soft runny dough,apply some lukewarm water on the top of the dough with hands and keep it covered for 30 minutes..After 30 minutes knead it again with soft hands on a floured surface(make sure not to apply too much dried flour at this time).Knead for 5 minutes to form a soft dough(the dough should be soft at this point),then apply some oil to a bowl and keep the dough in it and also apply some oil to the top of dough,keep it covered until it becomes double in size( mine tooks 3 hours to rise)…in summers 1 hour is enough for the dough to it is ready to be used in any type of pizza or even to make stuffed breads also.