Fruit Trifle Recipe


  • sponge cake any of your choice(choclate,vanilla,red valvet or any type of plain cake)
  • fruit cocktaill=1 cup(plus any fruit of your choice as you can add bananas,apples etc)
  • jelly packet=1(i used strawberry banana flavour)
  • custard powder=3 tablespoon(heapfull)
  • full fat milk=2 cups plus one 1/2 cup extra for custard paste sugar=4 table spoon or according to your taste whipping cream or tetrapack cream=1 cup choclate and cherries for garnishing


take a dessert bowl and put the plain cake in the base of the bowl,then apply the sugar syrup(that is in the fruit cocktail tin),then put the fuits on it and cover the cake with the fruits.Then put the 2 glss of milk in a saucepan and add the sugar,bring to a boil,then make a paste of the custard powdered in the 1/2 cup of milk and slowly add to the saucepan and mix it continously with a whisk(make sure that the custard mixture is not too thick nor too thin at this point),turn off the flame and let the custard cool down at room temperature(make sure to conntinously whisk it after a while so that it remains in a creamy texture),then put the custard mixture on the fruit and cake and refregerate it until the custard settles down.then make the jelly according to the instruction on its packet,and let it cool to room temperature but not to firm,pour it on the custard mixture as shown in the video,and let it sets in the refregerator till the jelly gets its shape.Then beat the whipping cfream without sugar or anything just simple whipping cream,if you dont have whipping cream u can baet any simple cream(like olpers or milkpack)with a fork to form smooth.Then apply the whipping cream on the top of the dessert and decorate it with your choice of topings and if you use simple cream then pour it after beating it with fork on the dessert and decorate as per your choice.