Chicken Shawarma Recipe


  • chicken breast and thighs boneless and big flat pieces=1 kg(with skin or without skin whatever u like)
  • salt as per your taste
  • garlic fesh paste=1 table spoon
  • lemon juice=1 table spoon
  • tomato paste=2 table spoon
  • cardamom powder=1/4 teaspoon
  • cinnamon powder=1 tea spoon
  • cumin powder=1 tea spoon
  • arabic spices or garam masala=1 tea spoon
  • crushed red chilli=1 tea spoon(u can use 1 table spoon if u like spicy)
  • turmeric powder=1/2 tea spoon
  • paprika=1 tea spoon (u can substitute it with red chilli powder)
  • coriander powder=1 teaspoon
  • olive oil=2 to 3 table spoon


Marinade the chicken for all the above ingredients,there is no hard and fast rule of these spices,u can use according to your taste but the cardamom powder and cinnamon powder should b in less quantity because it gives a saour taste if u use too much.KEEP THE MARINATED CHICKEN FOR 2 TO 3 HOURS IN THE FIRDGE. Then arrange on the skewers or grill skewer of the oven as shown in my video,grill it in the preheated oven for 30 to 40 minutes..keep an eye on it always so that it cant get burned.and keep the wooden skewers on the frying pan and cook it covered for 5 minutes on one side on low heat,then on the other side for 5 minutes and then remove the skewers and cook on all sides,then cut both of chicken with knife as per your desire. for assembling pita bread or tortilla wraps pickled cocumber french fries garlic mayo or simple garlic sauce whatever yoy like grill the pita bread or tortilla bread on pan and then apply sauce and then chicken and fries and pickle.if u like sauce u can put again on top and also u can add ketchup or chilli ketchup..thats the shawarma..thanks